your go to hire for the nitty gritty tech stuff involved in online business

tech virtual assistance

so you can focus more on expanding your presence online, increasing your revenue, or doing literally anything else

Managing the technical aspect of your business can be overwhelming. There's so many tech platforms to choose from, they're constantly updating, and you just don't have time setting all these things up.

You want to optimize your platforms by selling digital products or your services, and you want to focus on those money making tasks. You don't want to spend your days Googling 'how do I create a membership' - you just want to wave a magic wand and have it happen. Hi there! I'm Alex, your tech magic wand.

focus more on getting your knowledge and expertise
'out there' and connect yourself with more opportunities

retainer or project-based tech integration services

for entrepreneurs, content creators and small business owners wanting to maximize their presence online through intentional use of technology

tech integration, maintenance + support

the service

this is where I'll dissect your entrepreneurial brain, and you'll introduce me to the unique in's and out's of your online business. your team members, your current SOPs, as well as get access to all relevant accounts.

phase one

the introduction

after I've collected everything I need to know about your online biz, we'll make a game plan for the next upcoming quarter (or month, if a quarter feels too big). we'll prioritize what projects you'd like to complete, and establish an estimated deadline for those projects.

phase two

the action plan

this will easily be your favorite part. I'll get my hands digitally dirty and start working my magic. I'll reach out as needed to confirm you're happy with the direction we're moving in, and you can sit back and relax (or use those extra hours to check off other goals you've been ignoring!)

phase three

the execution

the process

launch management

the world is your oyster, and so are the ways I can help you 

some ideas for what I could help you with

content production

operations management

  • Email Funnel Setup
  • Email Marketing Platform Transfer 
  • Website Maintenance for ShowIt, Wordpress, and Squarespace
  • Update Content
  • Landing Page Builds
  • Blog Post Tech Setup
  • Online Course Setup + Management

  • Launch Planning
  • Launch Tech Setup (ThriveCart, Kajabi, Kartra)
  • Online Event Tech (Webinars, Summits, Bundles, etc.)
  • Membership Set Up
  • Tripwire Setup
  • Affiliate Management
  • Annual + Quarterly Roadmapping
  • Project Management
  • ClickUp, Notion, and Airtable System Builds
  • Automations via Zapier, Make and Pabbly
  • Honeybook Account Setup + Maintenance
  • Calendar Automations via Calendly or Acuity
  • Shopify Maintenance
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • Customer Support
***this is not an exhaustive list!**

Nina Clapperton from She Knows SEO

"Alex has been hands down the best VA I've ever had. I took a month off my business and basically left her to run the show, and felt totally comfortable doing so after just a couple months. She's always up for a challenging project or random new idea I have, but also helps me set business boundaries so I don't over do it. 

Before I brought Alex on, I often felt stuck by all of the things I needed to do. Alex came in, cleaned things up, helped me automate things I didn't even realize could be automated, and organized my chaotic systems so they're easily searchable and adjustable."

Self-proclaimed most organized person in the world. Former copywriter turned Tech VA and OBM, Alex has been in the online business world since 2018. With her keen eye for detail and signature project management systems, you'll have a smooth sailing business in no time.

When she's not busy build Zaps and creating project plans in ClickUp (a love language), she's cafe hopping around the world searching for the best beaches. A Florida girl at heart, she does not stray far from the equator.

meet Alex

your new partner

What is your payment schedule?

I either invoice on the 1st or 3rd Monday of the month. I will invoice you for the services after they have been completed. 

Do I need to train you?

For the most part, I'm able to figure out tech on my own. The main piece will be learning how you specifically like to setup your tech (your settings, formatting preferences, etc.). My preferred method to be walked through this is via video (like Loom).

the answers to your questions

What does your onboarding process look like?

First you'll sign a contract agreement outlining the agreement for our time working together. Alongside that contract there will be a questionnaire to share basic information about your business. To receive your login info, I have LastPass or we could use 1Time to keep your information safe. 

What payment platforms do you accept?

I accept Wise and Paypal. Wise is my top preference.

Ashli Pollard from Team AP Consulting

"Alex started with me over a year ago and she hopped right into my business with the same initiative, care, curiosity, and ambition for my business that I have, which is really saying something. She's consistently wondering how we can make things better, how she can make my life easier, and genuinely can read my mind for what I need. She's not someone at all to just check off a box on a task and call it a day. Instead she wants to research how to make things better, what she can optimize, or brings me - not just creative solutions - but solutions she's had in place for months and I didn't even know. She's truly incredible!"

  • $10 Hourly Discount
  • Up to 40 Hours a Month // 10 Hours a Week
  • Weekly Touchbase Calls (As Needed)
  • Regular Loom Updates
  • Slack Access
  • 3 Month Commitment Required


tier three


  • $5 Hourly Discount
  • Up to 20 Hours a Month // 5 Hours a Week
  • 3 Month Commitment Required
  • Slack Access
  • Regular Loom Updates


tier two


  • Up to 10 Hours a Month
  • 3 Month Commitment Required
  • Slack Access
  • Regular Loom Updates


tier one


tech set-up + maintenance for every budget

choose your retainer package

tired of managing your online business operations?

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