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online business management

with operations management for online business owners

You didn't sign up for the entrepreneur life to spend all day responding to emails and answering questions. Or following up with team members to make sure they're meeting deadlines. And you especially didn't sign up for having to stay up to date with the ever-evolving digital world. (Facebook updated AGAIN!?!)

Get out of the nitty gritty in your business, and spend more time on the big-picture, passion-driven, freedom-bringing tasks you actually wanted when you started your business. Without stressing about making sure checklists are being completed.

stop spending so much time working 'in' your business, so you can start working 'on' it

done-for-you project management + operations support

for course creators, coaches, digital service providers, and digital entrepreneurs seeking refuge from the day-to-day operations of their business

online business management

the service

  • System builds in ClickUp, Notion, or Airtable.
  • Website Maintenance via ShowIt, Wordpress, or Squarespace
  • Operations Tech Integration, including Zapier, schedulers like Acuity/Calendly, and more
  • Launch Tech Integration for ThriveCart and more

Tech Integration

  • Project Management + Day-to-Day Operations Management
  • Launch Management
  • Content Production Management
  • Team Management
  • Documentation of processes through SOPs
  • Hiring team members + training them on SOPs and other operational necessities
  • Assistance with Customer Service Needs


  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Funnel Mapping + Analytics Tracking
  • Lead + Customer Behavior Tracking
  • Monthly Analytics Reports (Conversion Rates for Important Webpages, Email Analytics, Traffic Sources, etc.)
  • Monthly Revenue Analysis


this is where I'll dissect your entrepreneurial brain, and you'll introduce me to the unique in's and out's of your online business. your team members, your current SOPs (or lack there of), your offers, your ideal work schedule, and more.

phase one

the process

the internal audit

after I've collected everything I need to know about your online biz, we'll make a game plan for the next upcoming quarter. this includes launch strategy, internal projects to prioritize, and goals for the upcoming quarter. 

phase two

the quarterly plan

while I roll up my sleeves and get to work, you do what you do best. the high-level, CEO tasks that allow you to be the business owner you were dreaming of. without the sweat of making sure things are happening when they're supposed to.

phase three

the execution

at the end of the quarter, we'll review KPI's, launch performance, and assess the goals we set in phase two. from there, we'll rinse and repeat the 4 phases for the next quarter, setting you up for success while integrating the lessons + reflections we learn.

phase four

the review + assess

You value detail-orientation, but have a hard time achieving/maintaining it yourself. 

You’re curious and experimental and you like to try new things. Have a crazy idea? My answer is almost always yes. 

You like to have fun and you’re not afraid to be a silly billy. 

You’re in it for the long run, not just a get-rich-quick and then dip sort of scheme. 

not sure if we're a good fit? here's a few ways to know:

Ashli Pollard from Team AP Consulting

"Alex started with me over a year ago and she hopped right into my business with the same initiative, care, curiosity, and ambition for my business that I have, which is really saying something. She's consistently wondering how we can make things better, how she can make my life easier, and genuinely can read my mind for what I need. She's not someone at all to just check off a box on a task and call it a day. Instead she wants to research how to make things better, what she can optimize, or brings me - not just creative solutions - but solutions she's had in place for months and I didn't even know. She's truly incredible!"

Self-proclaimed most organized person in the world. Former copywriter turned Tech VA turned OBM, Alex has been in the online business world since 2018. With her keen eye for detail and signature project management systems, you'll have a smooth sailing business in no time.

When she's not busy build Zaps and creating project plans in ClickUp (a love language), she's cafe hopping around the world searching for the best beaches. A Florida girl at heart, she does not stray far from the equator.

I'm Alex

hey there!

What is your payment schedule?

I either invoice on the 1st or 3rd Monday of the month. I will invoice you for the services after they have been completed. 

Do I need to train you?

For the most part, I'm able to figure out tech on my own. The main piece will be learning how you specifically like to setup your tech (your settings, formatting preferences, etc.). My preferred method to be walked through this is via video (like Loom).

the answers to your questions

What does your onboarding process look like?

First you'll sign a contract agreement outlining the agreement for our time working together. Alongside that contract there will be a questionnaire to share basic information about your business. To receive your login info, I have LastPass or we could use 1Time to keep your information safe. 

What payment platforms do you accept?

I accept Wise and Paypal. Wise is my top preference.

  • 40 Hours of Analysis, Management and Tech Integration
  • Quarterly roadmapping session done either on a call or via Loom
  • Slack Communication for questions/comments/gabbing
  • (As Needed) Touchbases via Calls


tier two


  • 20 Hours of Analysis, Management and Tech Integration
  • Quarterly roadmapping session done either on a call or via Loom
  • Slack Communication for questions/comments/gabbing
  • (As Needed) Touchbases via Calls


tier one


ready to find out if we're a match made in heaven?

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