I've never been in one place for long. As a Sagittarius Sun, I'm happiest when I'm traveling. There's so much of this beautiful world to see that I just couldn't accept a desk job that restrained me from experiencing all of what's out there.

For the longest time I wanted to figure out how people were able to live this lifestyle. Like, how could you live this life sustainably, while having a real career  (not using survey apps or transcription websites or whatever the internet tells you to make money online that feels like you're not contributing anything of real value). 

I knew I was more than just full of wanderlust wanting to see the world. I have ambition and want to achieve mega big things. I just want to do it while working from a beach shack in Costa Rica (that has WiFi lol), a cafe in Lisbon, or a cabin in the Rocky Mountains. 

Which is exactly why I created A Nomadic Entrepreneur. To equip you with the resources and skills necessary to live a nomadic lifestyle, without sacrificing your career or ambitions. Click around, see what you're drawn to, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

hey! I’m Alex

in case you’re new around here

Alex has been hands down the best VA I've ever had. I took a month off my business and basically left her to run the show, and felt totally comfortable doing so after just a couple months. She's always up for a challenging project or random new idea I have, but also helps me set business boundaries so I don't over do it. 
Before I brought Alex on, I often felt stuck by all of the things I needed to do. Alex came in, cleaned things up, helped me automate things I didn't even realize could be automated, and organized my chaotic systems so they're easily searchable and adjustable. 

- Nina Clapperton, She Knows SEO

Alex is the best VA I've ever worked with. 10/5 stars! 

Alex started with me over a year ago and she hopped right into my business with the same initiative, care, curiosity, and ambition for my business that I have, which is really saying something. She's consistently wondering how we can make things better, how she can make my life easier, and genuinely can read my mind for what I need. She's not someone at all to just check off a box on a task and call it a day. Instead she wants to research how to make things better, what she can optimize, or brings me - not just creative solutions - but solutions she's had in place for months and I didn't even know. She's truly incredible!

- Ashli Pollard, Team AP Consulting

an irreplaceable part of my team

I tell people all the time how great Alex is. She has skills that make her be flexible to work for many different industries. The intake process made me feel seen and like my emails would be ideal client oriented and not just cookie cutter. Highly recommend.

- Liezl

flexible working with many different industries

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collaborative systems + solutions for an effective remote team, regardless of the time zone you're in

online business management

either to help you DIY the tech yourself, or to train your team!

tech tutorials

my recommended method for earning an income while traveling - learn tips for how to become a nomadic entrepreneur yourself!

virtual assistance

start collecting those passport stamps with logistical tips on the nomad lifestyle

the nomad lifestyle

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neither! I've been a vegetarian since 2011, plant-based as much as possible. tofu all the way 😉

pork or beef? 🌱

carry on all the way. specifically the carry on suitcase + weekender bag combo. my upper body strength does not do well with backpacks 🤷‍♀️

carry on or check a bag? 🧳

I'm a faithful child of the sun. In fact I think I'm cold blooded because I cannot function in cold temperatures (and cold to this Floridian is like 60 degrees farenheit (16 degrees Celsius)

beach or mountains? ✈️

I'm a huge fan of scary movies oddly enough lol - probably should seek therapy for that one.

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my belief is that the more we genuinely enjoy doing the work we’re paid to do, the more sustainable our planet will become. whether that’s finding your passion through some sort of digital skill, OR being able to live the lifestyle of your dreams by working for brands + businesses that you love.

if you want to start traveling and seeing the world – you can. the simple fact that you have the desire is proof.

feeling like you're living life to the fullest doesn't need to wait for the weekend


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