without getting weighed down by logistics

spend more time sharing your expertise and ideas with the world

you didn't start this gig to be spending all your time managing your projects + day-to-day operations. say goodbye to the mundane and connect back with why you really started - the freedom of entrepreneurship

Online Business Management

ever wish you could wave a magic wand and all the tech was just 'set up' for your new offer or launch without you needing to lift a finger? or film another Loom tutorial? Hello - nice to meet you - I'm your magic wand! 

Tech Virtual Assistance

services for creators, founders and online business owners

whether you need help with one project, or ongoing support - I've got something for you

You know those 20,000 plates you have spinning at all times that you're trying not to drop in your online business? Now imagine you had someone to help keep those plates spinning, and catch them they drop. (Lol it's kind of a funny mental image but you get the idea I'm going for, right?)

I'll help you go from feeling scatter-brained to smooth sailing - with systems and support you trust. 

Monthly Retainer starting at $1300/mo

online business manager

Meet Your Second Brain

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Receive ongoing support for your tech + customer service needs. Support in launch tech, project management, operations + automations, updates for online courses or programs, website maintenance, and whatever other fun bits and bobs you've found on the internet.  

Monthly Packages starting at $500/mo 

done-for-you tech setup

Tech Virtual Assistance

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- Nina Clapperton, She Knows SEO

"Alex has been hands down the best VA I've ever had. I took a month off my business and basically left her to run the show, and felt totally comfortable doing so after just a couple months. She's always up for a challenging project or random new idea I have, but also helps me set business boundaries so I don't over do it. 
Before I brought Alex on, I often felt stuck by all of the things I needed to do. I Alex came in, cleaned things up, helped me automate things I didn't even realize could be automated, and organized my chaotic systems so they're easily searchable and adjustable. "

Alex is the best VA I've ever worked with. 10/5 stars! 

Alex started with me over a year ago and she hopped right into my business with the same initiative, care, curiosity, and ambition for my business that I have, which is really saying something. She's consistently wondering how we can make things better, how she can make my life easier, and genuinely can read my mind for what I need. She's not someone at all to just check off a box on a task and call it a day. Instead she wants to research how to make things better, what she can optimize, or brings me - not just creative solutions - but solutions she's had in place for months and I didn't even know. She's truly incredible!

- Ashli Pollard, Team AP Consulting

an irreplaceable part of my team

I tell people all the time how great Alex is. She has skills that make her be flexible to work for many different industries. The intake process made me feel seen and like my emails would be ideal client oriented and not just cookie cutter. Highly recommend.

- Liezl

flexible working with many different industries

nice words from nice people

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