8 Websites to Find Co-Living Spaces for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

June 7, 2023

One of the biggest perks of working remotely is being able to live anywhere. But maybe you don’t want to live somewhere for a full rental period, and deal with things like buying new furniture or dealing with landlords. Co-living spaces are a new popular solution for digital nomads looking for a longer-term stay, without having the commitment of a lease.

Plus, they’re a great method to meet other nomad friends and other like-minded people to travel with in the future!

In this post, I’m sharing a few of the websites that I’ve come across in my nomad journey that have helped me find co-living spaces to work from.

What is Co-living?

Co-living is a modern housing concept designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration among individuals, particularly digital nomads and remote workers.

It’s more than just your housing accommodation. It also includes shared spaces and a collaborative environment.

At its core, co-living centers around the idea of individuals sharing living spaces, amenities, and sometimes even workspaces, creating a community where like-minded individuals can live, work, and socialize together.

These spaces often offer furnished accommodations, communal areas, and different shared facilities that encourage networking

Co-living isn’t just about convenience; it’s about creating a supportive environment that enriches both personal and professional aspects of residents’ lives.

8 Websites to Find Co-Living Spaces


Outsite has stunning accommodations found all over the world. Their locations range from tiny surf towns in Costa Rica, to metropolis cities in Lisbon, Portugal. They’re known for their amenities for remote workers, including high-speed internet, plenty of space for working, laundry facilities, community events to meet your roommates, and more. Plus, if you tag them on their Instagram, you’ll get featured on their account.


While this isn’t designed only for digital nomads (it’s a common hostel for traditional travelers too), there are TONS of locations all over the world. Especially in Central and South America. Because they have hostel accommodations along with private rooms, they are a cost-effective solution for nomads on any budget.


Perfect if you’re looking for a longer-term stay in different cities. This website provides fully furnished apartments all over the world. They’re great for nomads, remote workers, or expats looking for more of a homey feeling living situation, without the commitment of an official lease. They also have a program for people who want to travel, but currently have a lease for an apartment that they may not want to get rid of. A great solution for remote workers that don’t want to give up their own home, but still want to travel long-term!

Remote Year

This is a great container for anyone seeking community. You’re with the same group of people for either 1, 4 or 12 months, and you visit a new country each month. Not only do they book the lodging accommodations, they’ll also book your flights in between destinations (for the 4 + 12 month trips), local activities to do, and co-working spaces. I’ve been DYING to do the 12 month trip one of these days. What an amazing way to make nomad friends!

Join My Trip

While not designed specifically for digital nomads and remote workers, this website does have a category of trips called ‘coworking trips,’ that you can search for that will have accommodations for nomads. They’re another great solution for people searching for community in the nomad space, without as much of a time commitment as other trips tend to require.


Another website for finding places to stay, but more long term. The accommodations listed on here typically have a minimum 1 month commitment, and you can also meet people during your stay. You can search for lodging based on your desired location, or the duration you’d like to stay! Definitely worth checking out if you’re searching for living quarters in your dream destination.


Yet another website search engine where you can find monthly rentals to visit your desired destination. But maybe you’re not seeking a full on community experience in your living quarters, and you’re just searching to truly live in a city. Another option worth checking out!


A budding co-living company with housing in New York, Madrid, Paris, and a few other cities. If you’re looking to stay at one of their cities for a long term stay (3+ months), they’re worth to add on your search radar. Especially if you’re looking for co-living versus long term stays!

Finding the perfect place to stay is crucial to sustain the digital nomad lifestyle. Especially if you want to remain productive (and keep your job lol). All of these websites are great options to test out, especially if you’re seeking new friends! No matter what kind of accommodations you’re searching for, whether that’s a villa in a small surf town by the beach, or an apartment in a bustling metropolis, you can easily find something in one of the websites listed above.

Not sure what to do while you’re in your favorite destination? Check out my travel guide database, Destination Database, to help figure out what to do, where to stay, and more!


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