All of your product suite, marketing campaigns, team assignments and client projects - managed in one single platform.

What if you could manage your online business from one central location?

quit trying to puzzle piece together different templates to find the project management system that works for you.

instead, picture a single tab on your internet browser that houses everything you need to manage your online business.

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Let's get your online business organized, 
saying goodbye to scattered notes and missed deadlines, and say hello to your new organized, efficient, and profitable project management system.

ClickUp Templates


for Online Business Owners

your all-in-one solution for managing your online business

Introducing ... 

Now’s the fun part, where you start using your PM system to implement projects and complete tasks. Your brain will rest easy knowing that you have a system to catch you when life, and business, gets hectic.



Next, you’ll start building out your ClickUp project management system using the templates + frameworks provided in this bundle. 

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First things first, you’ll get everything related to your online business and put it in one place to sort through. I'll walk you through best practices to sort through the digital mess!

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get step-by-step guidance to implement your new project management system

templates included in the bundle

  • Goals + Roadmap ClickUp Template
  • Blog Post Tracker Template
  • Keyword Tracker Template
  • Guest Post Tracker Template
  • Basic Bookkeeping + Expense Tracking Template
  • Events + PR Tracking Template

​​Digital nomad of 3 years and OBM + Tech VA for online businesses. After working with entrepreneurs across all types of online businesses, I’ve discovered one of the most important tools for success - a proper project management system. 

I’ve made it my mission to support entrepreneurs + founders in getting organized so they can focus more on revenue-building tasks. I specialize in getting you set up in my favorite project management platform, ClickUp. A truly powerful tool that can support you in accomplishing your goals as a blogger.

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What is an operations management suite?

This bundle of templates is a process for you to manage your online business, from content production, to team management, to budgeting + expenses. You'll be able to complete projects and achieve goals quicker by having a clear system in place.

Is it only for ClickUp?

Yes it is. The all-in-one capabilities that ClickUp has is one of its strongest selling points as a project management platform. I haven't been able to replicate the exact process using Asana, Notion or Airtable.

What if I'm new to online business? Is this right for me?

This template is intended for entrepreneurs either currently with a team, or intending to build one soon. However, if you're new to online business and looking for a way to stay organized, this could help you get started with a clear workflow to support you.

How do I know when it's a good time to invest in a project management system?

A strong project management system is the foundation of any team. Whether you're solo, onboarding your first VA, or you've already got a team of 5+, you'll want a solid system to keep tasks organized.

I highly recommend having at least some sort of task management system set up prior to making your first hire, so your team member knows what they need to do for you. But, if you're not at that stage yet and just need to organize yourself first, this is a great place to get started!

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